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Gigi Hadid's New Bangs Are The Only Thing The Internet Cares About Right Now

Gigi Hadid is one of the lucky few who looks beautiful no matter what.

Short hair, long hair, tanned, pale, dressed up or dressed down, she can pull off anything. I like to call people like her “unicorns,” because they're super rare and also pretty damn magical (Hadid's BFF, Kendall Jenner, also falls in the “unicorn” category).

Case in point: At the taping of the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday night, Hadid debuted an unexpectedly edgy new hairstyle and knocked it out of the damn park.

The model, who is currently dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik, wore her blonde locks long and straight, with choppy bangs and lots of layers framing her perfectly-structured face.

It's unclear if the fringe is real or if she was simply testing out clip-ins, but either way, Twitter loved the unicorn's model's daring new 'do.

Check out Hadid's new hair below and tune in to the MTV Movie Awards at 7 pm on Sunday, April 10.

Gigi's fringe is all anyone can talk about today.

.@GigiHadid wears a pantsuit, cuts bangs, and slays—naturally: #MTVMovieAwards — Who What Wear (@WhoWhatWear) April 10, 2016

People are already angling to recreate the look for themselves...

Now convinced we need to get bangs like @GiGiHadid's at the #MovieAwards: — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 10, 2016

...while others are simply hoping the star keeps the style for a while.

petition for @GiGiHadid to keep her bangs — belle (@slaygihadid) April 10, 2016

The textured, '70's-inspired 'do is definitely a departure from Hadid's usual polished look...

@GiGiHadid you look amazing today!!!! once again your surprised us with those bangs — belle (@slaygihadid) April 10, 2016

...But the votes are in:

I was going to put my phone down and cook dinner...but I just saw that @GiGiHadid got bangs...sooo — Jessica Marie Garcia (@JessMarieGarcia) April 10, 2016

Fans love the fringe.

#MTVMovieAwards #GigiHadid Bangs suits her perfectly — Lylia (@lyliBe) April 10, 2016

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