How Much Do You Really Know About The 'Game Of Thrones' Houses?


The hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" may be over, for now, but the conversation is just getting started.

This past season seemed to ignite more conversation and debate across the internet than the previous five seasons combined. It makes sense, really.

We learned Jon Snow is literally A Song of Ice and Fire. We finally have Daenerys Tagaryen sailing toward Westeros with a force she's spent years building. And we have the Mad Queen Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne after blowing up hundreds in King's Landing.

With just 13 "Game of Thrones" episodes remaining -- I know, that's crazy -- the theories predicting what will happen in seasons seven and eight are running rampant.

Will Dany and her dragons burn King's Landing to the ground? Will Jon Snow lead the world of men against an impending White Walker invasion?

At the moment, you can't answer those "Game of Thrones" questions, but you can try your hand at the below quiz, which will test your knowledge of every important house in "Game of Thrones."

Think you know more than Jon Snow? Well, try your hand (of the Queen) at the below quiz and see if you're ready for a set of maester chains.