This Detail In 'GOT' Episode 7 May Be A Huge Clue About Cersei's Future

by Ani Bundel

This past season of Game of Thrones was notable for featuring Cersei Lannister in the role she's always imagined she should inhabit -- the first Queen of the Andals in history, and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. But while Cersei's reign may not be going quite as she envisioned it, it's her personal life that has fans chattering. Specifically, her pregnancy, which she openly admits was conceived with her brother Jaime. But could her parting with Jaime be a Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale clue about Cersei's fate for the final episodes in Season 8?

Let's go over what happened with Jaime and Cersei in the finale. Jaime had bought that Cersei was serious about joining with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in their fight against the Night King. He had clearly been shaken by what he'd seen with the wight, as well as Brienne -- the most loyal to the bone person -- stating that loyalty wasn't what mattered here, survival was.

So when Cersei sneered at him for being stupid, and then said what was quite possibly the stupidest thing -- that the Night King will kill all her enemies, but somehow they'll be fine and she'll rule all, it was like a thunderbolt. Olenna had told him Cersei dumbly dangerous, and he'd better wake up before it got him killed. It was like we saw Jaime wake up.

But more importantly, we saw Cersei challenged, for a second time in this episode, and fail to go through with her threat to have her brother killed. It happened the first time with Tyrion. Now it happened again with Jaime. This after she has threatened him directly in episode 5 to never betray her again. So why can't Cersei kill Jaime?

In a way, we know why she can't bring herself to kill Tyrion. She's hated him her entire life. She needs him to exist so she can hate him. It's like there being no light that can be defined without darkness to contrast.

But Cersei doesn't need Jaime to exist to feel. So why, when challenged did her threats against him turn out to be just as empty? Simple: because she is really carrying his baby.

I know there are a lot of fans who think Cersei's faking her pregnancy. And there were times when I wondered if they might not be right. She certainly been using the news of her impending motherhood to her advantage ever since it got out.

But despite the way she used it both to bind Jaime closer to her and to convince Tyrion she was in a position to soften and agree to Dany and Jon's entreaties for help, I think Cersei really is with child. Jaime is the father of her unborn child. And because of that, she can't bring herself to kill him.

Jaime has walked. And though we know Jaime loves his sister, he's also a man of his word. He's a guy who "walks the walk" as it were. And he's had it. When this relationship broke, it was going to be forever. The only piece of Jaime Cersei has left is in her belly.

So what does that mean, now that Cersei has been left behind? Like wolves, lions are pack animals. Lone lions do not survive any more than wolves do. While the Starks are bonding together in the face of winter, because summer, the time for petty squabbles, is over, Cersei is losing her family left and right.

Remember what Maggy the woods witch said? Three children she will bear. Remember how Cersei will die? The younger brother will kill her. A piece of that younger brother is in her belly, and when it fails to carry to term, the last piece of him is going to kill her.