Tenzing Trainor as Cameron, Jami Alix as Cinnamon in Freeridge
5 Freeridge Season 2 Theories After That Wild Cliffhanger

There are so many ways this could go.

by Ani Bundel
Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022

Freeridge’s arrival nearly two years after On My Block’s finale brought fans back to the titular suburb of Los Angeles. The original series’ Core Four were nowhere to be found in the new show, but the new set of high school friends still have the same old problems, from relationships to school drama to the RollerWorld money. However, the season’s wild cliffhanger has fans spinning Freeridge Season 2 theories harder than anyone ever did in On My Block.

Warning: Spoilers for Freeridge Season 1 follow. Freeridge stars a new set of actors, but the series still seeded in carryover characters from On My Block, one episode at a time. Most were cameo appearances by secondary roles, like Eme Ikwuakor as Dwayne Turner, Jamal’s dad, or minor characters from the Martinez family. The one major actor from the first series, Peggy Blow, who played Marisol, turned out not to be reprising her character but playing her previously unknown twin sister, Mariluna.

The series twisted On My Block’s screws in the season finale, bringing back the two characters fans never wanted to see again, Sad Eyes and Joker, the remaining members of the Santos, who rolled into Mariluna’s neighborhood, and mistaking her for Marisol, walked up with the intent to murder her for the RollerWorld money they assumed she was hiding.

With that shocker ending, fans are already wild for a Season 2. Here are the best theories of what may be to come.


Geny & Ruben Inherit Mariluna’s Money

Kevin Estrada © 2022

Mariluna is blunt about who she is and what she’s about in Freeridge’s finale; she’s rich and loves playing games. She offers Gloria (Keyla Monterroso Mejia) and her pals a million dollars and gives them three months to blow the whole thing, with the promise of $10 million if they succeed. Unfortunately, the cliffhanger at the end suggests she won’t live to see this promise delivered.

But Mariluna’s passing won’t be the end of the story. It’s unclear who she willed her millions to, but it’s not Sad Eyes and Joker. If anything, it’s probably going to her surviving relatives: Geny and Reuben. Fans are theorizing (or perhaps just hoping) that the Martinezes honor Mariluna’s promise to the new Core Four and that Gloria’s hopes to help her dad aren’t dashed.


Javier’s Cancer Gets Worse

Whether or not Gloria’s dream of getting her dad into the best cancer treatment center comes true, Stage 3 cancer is nothing to sneeze at. The chemo, radiation, and medications are already taking a toll on Javier in the Season 1 finale, and that’s just the beginning of the treatment.

The reality of cancer is that the treatment is sometimes as bad as the disease it’s trying to combat, and Javier will probably get worse before he (hopefully) improves.


Jamal & Ruby Return


Thus far, all of the crossover characters in Freeridge have been secondary or minor characters from On My Block. The closest thing to bringing back one of the main stars was the phone call to Jamal.

But that may all change in Season 2. Freeridge reminded viewers of Jamal’s close relationship with Marisol, but Ruby was her actual blood relation, her grandson. That makes Marisol his great-aunt, and a family funeral (if Mariluna is indeed dead) is bound to bring people to mourn. If Jamal and Ruby are no-shows, fans will be pretty upset.


Rusty & Ines Get Together

Real talk: Gloria breaking up with Rusty probably means they’re toast, even if she did come to find him and apologize for freaking out — not because Rusty isn’t going to agree to a relationship over it, but because of his and Ines’ kiss.

Season 1’s love triangle was about Cam, Demi, and Dre working out their issues. For Season 2, moving to a Gloria-Rusty-Ines situation makes a lot of sense. One can only hope Dre gets plenty of podcast material out of it.


Sad Eyes & Joker Start Hunting The Money

The RollerWorld money may not have been officially cursed, but On My Block was right; all money is cursed because there are those without it who will do anything to get some.

And it’s not just the RollerWorld money that Sad Eyes and Joker may go after. If the Martinez family inherits Mariluna’s wealth, they’ll be the twosome’s first targets. If Geny and Rueben honor Mariluna’s promise and give some of that money to Gloria and her friends? Everyone should be worried.

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