Florence Pugh's 'Don't Worry Darling' Instagram ignores feud rumors.

Florence Broke Her DWD Silence With An IG Post That Includes A Pic With Olivia

Miss Flo is ignoring all that drama.

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Don’t Worry Darling hit the big screens on Sept. 23, but there was no shortage of worrying surrounding the film. From the “Miss Flo” drama to Harry Styles’ “spitgate” moment — and let’s not forget the Shia LaBeouf beef — the behind-the-scenes goss has been a lot to keep up with. Amidst tons of rumored drama, Don’t Worry Darling finally made it to premiere, despite the hurdles. And although she had been notably radio silent about the movie on social media, lead actor Florence Pugh shared an Instagram post dedicated to the movie’s release, which included a photo with director Olivia Wilde.

“It’s here.. and ready to be seen. @dontworrydarling is in cinemas!,” Pugh wrote in her Sept. 23 post. “This film was such an epic story on such a large scale to shoot, all while during peak Covid times. For that I will always be grateful. To all of you who helped make this, your dedication and love was seen daily - thank you.” The psychological thriller, directed by Olivia Wilde, was shot in Palm Springs between Oct. 2020 and February 2021 during the pandemic. The film depicts Pugh as Alice — a 1950s housewife to Jack, who is played by Styles. It follows their life in a seemingly perfect neighborhood that soon reveals itself to be not-so-perfect beneath the surface.

Pugh hinted at some of the scenes you can expect to see: “Explosions, car chases, cocktail balancing, underwater sequences, running, drinking, more running,” she wrote. It was “a lot to execute,” she recounted. Her heartfelt appreciation for the production makes you wonder if there was even drama behind the scenes.

The carousel post shows photos that Pugh took herself while shooting, all except one. If you swipe through, the eighth photo is a pic of Pugh and Wilde in character as Alice and Bunny respectively. Wilde was also tagged in the photo. Could this be the pair squashing the rumored beef between them?

In the weeks leading up to the film’s release, rumors that Pugh and Wilde didn’t exactly get along while making the movie arose among fans, including reports that the two got into a “screaming match” on set due to their disagreements. While neither has outright addressed the supposed feud, in Wilde’s Variety cover story, she had nothing but praise for Pugh and Styles as “great supporter[s]” of each other. She said they “were all brought so close by the bubble of the production.”

The rumors were bolstered by Pugh noticeably not promoting Don’t Worry Darling as much as her other projects. But given her IG presence on the film’s premiere day, she’s making sure it’s the center of attention now with multiple social media posts.

Pugh showed off her funny personality in a series of candid photos of herself, the cast, and crew. In a Sept. 7 post, she also thanked the cast and crew for “all of [their] hard work.”

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