FKA twigs told 'British GQ' she and fellow singer Jorja Smith are related.

OMG, FKA twigs Said She And Jorja Smith Are Related

How do I join their family?

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Well, it’s clear that talent runs in this family. In a recent interview with British GQ, singer FKA twigs unveiled that she and Jorja Smith are related. More specifically, they’re cousins. Now, imagine arriving at the family reunion and seeing these two at the nearest table? Honestly, I’d shamelessly fangirl for a quick moment. Based on how often these electrifying artists have graced my playlists, any smaller reaction wouldn’t be realistic.

The surprising family announcement came after the crooning duo teamed up on twigs’ song, “darjeeling.” In her interview with GQ, the “Cellophane” songwriter said she was stunned to first meet Smith. “I’d never met her before, and I jumped in her car with her...and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Gosh, that’s really strange. We’ve got exactly the same kind of skin,’” she said, recognizing that they both had similar yellow undertones.

twigs then asked Smith what foundation shade she wore. Though the hue was not revealed in the interview, GQ noted that twigs didn’t think much more about the interaction. The two singers went on to record “darjeeling” alongside British drill rapper Unknown T and gradually became friends during the collaborative process.

The hypnotic track appears on twigs’ new mixtape, CAPRISONGS, which dropped in January. On February 25, twigs released a brief visual for “darjeeling,” which mainly focused on her breathy opening verse.

On February 25, FKA Twigs released a short visual to her track “darjeeling,” which features verses from Jorja Smith and rapper Unknown T.

It wasn’t until they finished their collaboration that the family revelation surfaced. “A few months later, I was on the road to go to LA and [Jorja] left me a voice note saying ‘you’re never going to believe this, but I’ve just spoken to my dad and he’s spoken to his sister and we’re related,’” twigs said. Okay, talk about a life-changing phone call.

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With both singers donning “collaborator” and “friend” titles, to see them adding “relative” to their roster is so interesting...and unexpected. Now, will this relationship craft another chance for them to work together again? I hope so.

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