This 'Wonder Woman' Actor Confirmed A Major Detail About His Character

by Billy Lorusso

Almost a month after its release in theaters, Wonder Woman is still dominating box offices, shattering records, and bringing in rave reviews. To date, Patty Jenkins' film has earned over $650 million dollars, and currently holds a coveted 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It seems like every day we learn something new about 2017's summer blockbuster. Of course, DC Extended Universe fans are always quick to point out any and all Easter eggs and hidden details in their favorite superhero films, and Wonder Woman is no exception to this rule.

Most recently, though, a (pretty important) hidden detail was revealed by a Wonder Woman actor himself. In an exchange with io9 on Twitter, the actor who plays Chief, Eugene Brave Rock, confirmed his character is actually a demigod.

Woah. That's some pretty big news.

In the movie, Diana meets Chief, a smuggler who has come to help with World War One efforts, and the two speak the native American Blackfoot language together. During this conversation, Brave Rock's character introduces himself to Princess D as Napi, which also happens to be the name of a Native American creator god.


It's never explicitly stated in the film Napi/Chief is part god, but, as the tweets above suggest, his exchange with Wonder Woman definitely got fans wondering about the character; the fact Brave Rock confirmed his position opens up a lot of possibilities for his character.

Though Chief is only a minor player in the film, knowing that he is part god, like Diana, leaves potential for his role to expand in the sequel (which, let's be honest, is absolutely going to happen). I mean, let's not forget the first time we saw Gal Gadot's Diana was as a secondary character in Man of Steel. Now all we need to know is when this will be happening.