New 'Star Wars' Toy May Have Revealed Major Spoiler About Rey In 'Last Jedi'

by Eitan Levine

If all you grammar and linguistics nerds out there just ruined "Star Wars" for the rest of us I'm going to be freaking LIVID.

A couple weeks ago, Disney announced it would be calling "Star Wars'" eighth episode "The Last Jedi."

Ignoring the fact the new "Star Wars" universe is sort of becoming the same story all over again -- Jedis get killed, Jedis get reborn, rinse, repeat -- the implication for this is Rey will at some point become the last creature in the universe with a high midi-chlorian count.

At least that's what we all thought.

As Disney is ramping up its international "Star Wars" PR rollout, the following was posted to its Italian social media pages.

Mashable points out "Gli Utimi Jedi" 100 percent means more than one Jedi, which could mean:

  1. "The Last Jedi" refers to Luke and Rey
  2. Rey could be cultivating a brand new batch of Jedi.
  3. This was never actually a secret as Jedi is the plural of Jedi like "moose" or "Cher."

This potential accidental spoiler was not confined to "Star Wars'" Italian social media arm.

Its Spanish account also had the plural for Jedi listed in the title.

"Star Wars" France's "Les Derniers Jedi" is the plural of Jedi as well.

The reveal of the name conjugation comes a day after Disney released a toy box that showcased a major reveal for Rey's character.


The picture, which was part of a press release reported on by i09, shows while Finn and Poe haven't really changed, a more Jedi-ish version of Rey with an ungraded Jedi haircut will be heading up the next movie.

Her outfit also appears to be more in line with Luke's.

So there you have it, "Star Wars"/toy/grammar/linguistics nerds! YOU SPOILED THE MOVIE! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!?!?

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