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Muggles Can Now Live In Hermione Granger's House


Even if you never received your letter from Hogwarts, you can still live vicariously through Hermione Granger. She was born with Muggle parents after all, just like you.

While Hermione, played by Emma Watson, wasn't at Hogwarts, or spending the holidays at the Weasley's house, she would be with her parents at their northern London suburb home in Hampstead.

The witch's house was shown in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" and now is up for sale. It is the first time the home, which is located in a cul-de-sac, has been for sale in sixty years.

It is also where Mr. and Mrs. Granger, dentists, had their memories of Hermione erased to protect them from the evils of Voldemort.

According to the listing, the home has three-levels, which boast six bedrooms, and a verdant back garden.

The house is currently up for grabs for around $3.1 million. Or, if this converter is to be trusted, 307,845 galleons, one sickle and 12 knuts.

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Just last week, Harry Potter's own house was up for sale, Number 4 Pivet Drive, but sans the room under the staircase.

While Harry Potter's home with the Dursleys is a bit more of an iconic part of the film franchise, Hermione's house has always been a connection to the Muggle world.

The listing for the house reads as follows,

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