Company Makes Disney Princess Lingerie, Forgets The Princesses Are 16

Yandy.com, Disney

OK, I get that in a crowded marketplace, every online retailer is looking for that big gimmick to stand out, but I think this lingerie site's latest attempt to stand out was more creepy than anything else...

The web-based lingerie store Yandy.com just released a line of lacy lingerie that is inspired by Disney princesses.


And sure, the designs and everything look great, but... it's more than a little unsettling that characters in movies we were watching as children are being sexualized now. Like, imagine someone watching "Cinderella" and getting turned on... PRETTY CREEPY IF YOU ASK ME!

And it's not just that these characters are so entwined with childhood that makes this lingerie line weird — let's not forget Disney actually gave these princesses ages and they're hella young. Like definitely-not-OK-to-be-thinking-about-them-in-lingerie young.

Here are the lingerie looks that were inspired by Pocahontas, Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty." Reminder that these characters are 18, 17 and 16, respectively.


And then there are the pieces sexualizing 15-year-old Jasmine, 16-year-old Ariel, and Snow White, who is 14!


I know these princesses are just cartoon characters and technically they don't really have ages, but just the fact that these characters are so wrapped up in childhood and were created to be incredibly young women so that other little girls can better relate to them adds a really wild creep factor I'm finding pretty hard to ignore.

Let's also talk about the Disney princess fanbase. The primary demographic of these Disney princess movies are young girls — they're the ones idolizing these animated women and going out and begging their parents to by all the princess merchandise.

I understand there are older women who still enjoy the cartoons, but it's definitely a brand that is intrinsically linked to children.

There's always been this strange Disney princess craze online, but this lingerie line is just too creepy for me to find any redeeming value in.

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