The 'Beauty And The Beast' Rose Exists IRL And You Can Actually Own It

by Anna Menta

If you know a "Beauty and the Beast" superfan with a birthday coming up, you're in luck.

I mean, first of all, the live-action film drops in two weeks, on March 17.

So that's the birthday party already planned for you.

And second of all, if you have $55 to spare, you now have the perfect gift to get them: this magical "Beauty and the Beast" rose from Luxe Bloom.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself,

Big deal! I could buy any old rose and put it under a glass cake cover for like, $12.

That's a fair point. But wait — this $55 rose isn't just crazy-expensive for no reason. It actually is a magical rose! (Plus it comes with the swanky glass cover, so you don't have to raid your mom's kitchenware.)

Luxe Bloom

What's so magical about it? This rose will last for months and months without any water or maintenance.

Let me say that again: This rose will last for months without any water or maintenance.

The roses come from Ecuador and are preserved using "an ancient all-natural method," according to a press release.

If that's not some sort of sorcery from the goddamn Enchantress herself, I don't know what is.

That kind of magical melancholy totally sounds worth $55 to me!

And listen, if you REALLY want to splurge on this "Beauty and the Beast" superfan (OK fine, let's just admit it, the superfan is you), there's also this dope castle just like the Beast's where you can actually live like Belle.


A rentable castle in Duns, Scotland teamed up with Disney to offer a special "Beauty and the Beast"-themed vacation for one lucky fan who wins this contest.

All you have to do to win five days at this place is enter your name and email before March 31, so don't wait!