Festival-Goers Are Turning Their Bodies Into Trendy Pieces Of Marble Art


From bold rainbow hair to mesmerizing glittery makeup, there are all sorts of things you can do to make yourself stand out at a music festival.

However, nothing compares to the stone-cold styles people have been showing off at music festivals like Afropunk and Electric Forest this summer.

Feast your eyes on the latest festival trend: body marbling.

Thanks to body painting company Black Light Visuals, festival-goers have been rocking all sorts of mesmerizing marble body paint that basically makes your skin look like a museum-worthy work of art.

If you're wondering how the hell you can get your skin to look like a gorgeous piece of granite, let me fill you in.

First, you prep your skin by dunking it into a salt solution. Then you squirt your desired paint colors into a bucket of water and swirl it around with a to create the marble pattern.

Next, you dip your skin into the paint which transfers the marble pattern right onto your body.

Then, you simply dunk your magnificent marble-painted skin in a bucket of clean water to wash off the excess paint, let it dry and you're all set to run around like the living piece of artwork you are.

Seriously, this cool body paint technique is sure to make you look like a statuesque style queen.

Check out the video up top for a closer look at this insane festival trend.

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