This Is The Makeup Look Everyone's Rocking At Festivals Right Now

Festival fashion has really evolved over the past few years.

If you're trying to be on trend at your next summer festival, you can always embrace your inner unicorn and rock some pretty pastel hair.

Or if you're looking for something a little less permanent, you can flex the latest makeup trend that's taking the music scene by storm.

Behold, glitter festival makeup.

That's right. Encrusting the area around your eyes in glitter is the go-to look for festival fashionistas at the moment and, I have to say, this dazzling makeup actually looks dope AF.

But before you swap out your undereye concealer for a collage of colorful sequins, I should probably warn you that this lit look does have one minor downside. Glitter is known as the herpes of beauty supplies, so if you decided to go down this gilded road, you better be ready to find a shit ton of sparkles on everything you own for the rest of your life.

But hey, looking like a glittery festival goodness seems totally worth it if you ask me.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome festival makeup fad.

If you're looking for a way to brighten up your beauty routine, look no further.

There's a twinkling new trend sweeping over the music festival scene...

...and now people are surrounding their eyes in stunning sparkly makeup.

If you ask me, this lit look is the perfect way to let your personality shine.

Plus, who needs concealer for those dark under eye circles...

...when you can just bedazzle your bags with a shit ton of shiny crystals?

So far we've seen everything from skin decked out in subtle sparkles...

And silver starry-eyed styles...

To radiant rainbow renditions...

...and everything in-between.

Don't worry guys, this glam look isn't just for the ladies, either...

...we've seen a bunch of dudes decked out in glitter too!

Yep, there are all sorts of ways to wear this tinsel topped makeup trend...

...and basically no such thing as too much glitter.

So if you're not smothering your face with shimmer like the rest of the universe, you might want to question your dull life decisions.