Fez actor Angus Cloud has a song on 'Euphoria's Season 2 score album.

Surprise, Angus Cloud Has A Song On The Euphoria Season 2 Album

This one's for the Fez fans.


The second season of Euphoria may have ended, but fans will be able to relive all their favorite moody moments with the release of Season 2’s score album, which features some surprising cameos from the show’s cast. Euphoria’s composer Labrinth revealed the album track list on Tuesday, April 5, confirming the fast-approaching release date and features including Zendaya, Dominic Fike, and Angus Cloud. It’s no surprise seeing singers Zendaya and Fike on the track list, but the Euphoria Season 2 album including an Angus Cloud song was something fans didn’t see coming.

Labrinth shared the titles of the 22 tracks featured on the Season 2 score album a couple weeks ahead of its April 22 release. FYI, this score album is not the same as the show’s soundtrack, which featured new songs by Lana Del Rey and Tove Lo along with recognizable hits from the past and present. Instead, the score features all the new music composed by Labrinth that played during pivotal scenes in Season 2. The standouts include “Elliot’s Song,” which Fike’s character Elliot sang for Rue in the season finale, and “I’m Tired,” the new Zendaya track that played over the finale’s end credits.

Since those were the two biggest original songs featured in Season 2, it was a given that Zendaya and Fike’s songs would be featured on the score album. However, a third star also makes a surprise appearance. Labrinth shared that he included a track by Cloud, who plays Fez on the show, due to fan requests. Cloud’s track is called “Fez’s Interlude,” which makes it sound like Cloud will be speaking in character rather than singing, but that’s still unclear ahead of the album’s release.

Labrinth also shared that both versions of “I’m Tired” will be on the album — his longer version and Zendaya’s shorter version of the song. The last fan-requested addition he included was “Skeletons,” which featured in Episode 6.

While the album has a pretty extensive track list, it didn’t include every piece of music hardcore fans were hoping for. The comments section was filled with fans bemoaning two songs in particular being left off the album: “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” and “Left Behind.”

You can pre-order the album now, or wait to stream it when it’s released on April 22.