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Emily Ratajkowski made a joke on TikTok about liking "ugly men" two months after her reported split ...

EmRata’s TikTok About “Ugly Men” Seems Like A Dig At Her Ex


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It looks like Emily Ratajkowski may be getting the last laugh. Two months after she split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, the model took to social media to say how she really feels — and it’s not very friendly. But considering Ratajkowski’s ex was reportedly a “serial cheater,” according to one Page Six source, I don’t blame her for the hard feelings. Still, Ratajkowski’s TikTok about “ugly men” seems pretty shady amid all this breakup drama.

On Sept. 5, Ratajkowski posted a TikTok duetting another user. The original video said, “When he thinks he’s a 10 because he pulled you, but you like ugly men.” If that message wasn’t clear enough, the Inamorata founder added her own two cents to the post. She lip-synched the lyrics, “How can I say this in a friendly way?,” from Digga D and Still Brickin’s song “Pump 101.” Making sure to cover all her bases, Ratajkowski captioned the video, “For legal reasons this is a joke.” Uh-huh, sure.

The internet was quick to weigh in on the video, which got 6.1 million views, BTW. One user commented on the TikTok, “a queen just queening.” Another fan replied to the video, “Emily this is god tier breakup behavior 👑.”

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ICYMI, speculation about the couple’s breakup hit the internet on July 15, when a source told Page Six that Bear-McClard’s rumored infidelity led to their split. “Yeah, he cheated,” the source claimed. “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.” Lest we forget, weeks earlier, fans noticed Ratajkowski wasn’t wearing her wedding ring in recent Instagram photos.

At first, the rumors appeared to just be rumors. But on July 28, Ratajkowski seemingly confirmed their breakup in a series of liked tweets. One read, “Girls, how are we celebrating Emrata’s divorce?” Not exactly subtle. And yet Bear-McClard was reportedly still trying to win Ratajkowski back. “Sebastian is begging her to give him another chance,” a source told Page Six on Aug. 3.

“That’s not going to happen because she did her own digging and discovered even more sh*t he did behind her back,” the insider added. Yikes. To make the breakup even more official, on Sept. 2, Ratajkowski reportedly moved out of their shared home. “She got an apartment downtown to get away from her ex and start her new life,” a source told Us Weekly.

Part of that new life? Going-no-contact with her ex. “They’re only speaking to each other through the nanny,” the Us insider claimed. “She isn’t speaking to him because of his infidelity. He isn’t speaking to her because he feels she was checked out of their relationship for the last year,” the source added.

Hopefully, this will be the last of the drama between Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard.