The Legend Of Emily
'Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris' is an upcoming video game version of the show.

An Emily In Paris Video Game Is Coming To Netflix

Game of the year, incoming.


Put down your selfie sticks and pick up your controllers, because Emily Cooper is transitioning from Parisian it-girl into a video game icon. In an unexpected announcement on June 4, Netflix revealed that it’s turning its hit series Emily in Paris into a video game. So, what exactly will that look like? Well, maybe don’t expect it to play like your fave Nintendo Switch or PS5 games — but at least it’ll be a fun side quest for fans of the series as they continue waiting for Season 4.

The Emily in Paris game was announced along with 13 other upcoming games based on Netflix content. It may have been the most unexpected show to pick for the video game treatment, but a few others stood out as well, such as a Selling Sunset game, a Too Hot To Handle game, and a Perfect Match game.

Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris sounds like it will be more of a visual choose-your-own-adventure tale, as the player follows in Emily’s shoes by moving to Paris for a luxurious job at a famous fashion magazine. The game’s description teases that various main characters from the show will appear to help guide the player’s journey, including Emily herself:

“Moving from the United States to Paris to accept a job at an esteemed fashion magazine, you’ll quickly find that the City of Love is full of surprises, challenges, and stunning suitors. With the help of Emily, Mindy, Alfie, and Gabriel, you’ll explore the city and find yourself in the process. Will you take every opportunity to land your dream job, and follow your heart?”

Netflix has been making gaming a notable focus for the last few years, first launching free mobile games for subscribers back in 2021. In the years since, it’s added more in-depth games to its streaming library that you can play from your TV or computer screen. As part of its Netflix Stories gaming series, the Emily in Paris game will join other interactive fiction selections like the streamer’s Love Is Blind game.

There isn’t a release date for the game yet, but hopefully it will arrive close to Season 4, which is premiering in two parts on Aug. 15 and Sept. 15.