Here's What The Cast Of 'Drake And Josh' Looks Like Now

by Billy Lorusso
Jeff Kravitz/Getty

Ahhh, remember the days of The Fairly OddParents, Hey! Arnold, Zoey 101, and iCarly? 

I could go on for days listing amazing Nickelodeon shows like these because, let's be honest, the notoriously orange-themed network had some of the best shows ever.

Who could forget the ridiculous antics of Wanda and Cosmo or the hilarious debacles of our favorite conjoined cat and dog? Exactly. No one.

Perhaps the realest gem of our Nickelodeon childhoods, though, was watching the hilarious brotherly duo Drake and Josh on their aptly titled show, Drake and Josh.

Take a look at how much the cast of Drake and Josh has changed since their last episode in 2007.

Yvette Nicole Brown, Helen Dubois


Since playing the hilarious manager of The Premiere movie theater on Drake and Josh, Brown has starred in hit shows like Community and The Odd Couple. You can see her in a new television series, The Mayor, later this year.

Jonathan Goldstein, Walter Nichols


Jonathan is set to appear in a new film, Escape from Ensenada, in 2017. Since wrapping up work on Drake and Josh he has had guest spots on popular shows like Grey's Anatomy and Fear the Walking Dead.

Nancy Sullivan, Audrey Parker-Nichols

Nickelodeon/Billy Lorusso

Nancy Sullivan has kept a pretty low profile since Drake and Josh's final season. Clearly, she has very few pictures online, so this is what I imagine she looks similar to these days. She'll be doing voiceover work for Monster Island, which comes out in 2017.

Allison Scagliotti, Mindy Crenshaw


Lately, Allison has been starring in sci-fi shows like Warehouse 13 and Stitchers. She's also in a band called "Nice Enough People."

Miranda Cosgrove, Megan Parker


After Drake and Josh finished its final season, Cosgrove got her own Nickelodeon show, iCarly, which ran for six seasons. Lately, she's been voicing a lot of animated characters in films like Despicable Me, 2, and 3, and A Mouse Tale.

Drake Bell, Drake Parker

Nickelodeon/Amanda Edwards/Getty

Drake has been super busy voicing Peter Parker on the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series and not RSVPing to weddings.

Josh Peck, Josh Nichols


Like his former costar Drake Bell, Josh has been keeping himself very busy since 2007. Most recently Josh starred in the television sitcom Grandfathered, alongside John Stamos, and just this past weekend he married his longtime girlfriend Paige O'Brien.

Seriously, where has the time gone? Are we old? Is it too much to as for a Drake and Josh reunion?