The 'Drag Race' Season 14, Episode 9 sneak peek clip shows a photobombing mini challenge.

The Mini Challenge In This Drag Race Sneak Peek Is Full-On Chaos

Choices were made.


When RuPaul forces her queens to get into drag in a matter of minutes for a mini challenge, it always results in some... let’s just say, interesting looks. And now, it’s finally the Season 14 girls’ turn to slap together a quick-drag transformation and show it off in an unhinged photoshoot. Brace yourself for some truly cursed images, because this Drag Race Season 14, Episode 9 first-look clip is a trip.

Before all the wildness, the new episode starts off on a somber note as Jasmine Kennedie mourns the elimination of Kerri Colby, the queen she fangirled over and looked up to as a source of inspiration, but then sent packing in last week’s lip sync. With Kerri gone, pretty much all of the remaining queens have at least one win under their belt... with the exception of Jasmine and Deja Skye, which the room quickly points out. This week, it’s Deja who’s determined to finally nab a win, but before all that, Ru pops in to announce the mini challenge: the celebrity photobomb photoshoot.

This is a challenge that has come up a few times in recent seasons, only first appearing in Season 10. The key to winning is to look as ridiculous as possible while posing in a photo of a celebrity, and the Season 14 queens definitely bring it. Willow Pill channels gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Deja wears a pair of stuffed stockings on her head, Lady Camden puts her leg behind her head, and Angeria Paris VanMichaels over-pads her booty into a wild new shape.


The challenge is a lot of campy fun, but things quickly turn dramatic after the winner is declared.

Since we all know Ru loves an old-school reference, Willow wins the photobombing challenge, and gets one of the most coveted prizes in Drag Race: the ability to pick her team in the upcoming main challenge. This week, the queens will host their own faux-DragCon panels (another throwback to Season 10) in two teams of four. For her team, Willow picks Deja, Angeria, and Camden, leaving Daya Betty, Bosco, Jamine, and Jorgeous as the second team.

Right away, Deja clocks Daya’s frustration. It’s clear Daya is not too pleased to be on a team with Jasmine, especially after their fight following the reading challenge. She even goes so far as to call Jasmine an “energy vampire” in her confessional.

Watch all the drama unfold when Episode 9 of Drag Race Season 14 airs on Friday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.