The Top 4 are surprised by Tanya Tucker in this 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6' finale clip.

Watch The First 10 Minutes Of The All Stars 6 Finale Episode

The Top 4 meet the surprise celeb who'll be featured on their finale Rumix.


After two months of stiff competition, it’s finally time for a new photo to be added to the Drag Race Hall of Fame. But the fight for the crown is closer than ever this All Stars season, with a spectacular Top 4 who could all feasibly take home the win. It all comes down to the final challenge: the always-iconic Rumix. This Rumix is going to be extra special, because for the first time ever, RuPaul is bringing in a famous singer to join the queens in the song. Watch the Top 4 meet the country legend they’ll be singing with in this RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 finale clip.

With so many twists, shocking eliminations, and that oft-mentioned “game within a game” now in the past, there’s one one challenge separating the final four queens from the All Stars 6 crown. And baby, they are all hungry for it. After Trinity K. Bonet’s upsetting elimination, Eureka, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Kylie Sonique Love, and Ginger Minj celebrate reaching the season finale in the first look at the episode. They all know it’s anyone’s game at this point, and each queen confidently make a case for why they’re about to be the next All Stars champion.

Sure enough, each of the four finalists boasts a solid track record — having excelled in some challenges and flopping in others — which makes this finale so much more unpredictable than most other seasons (*cough cough*, All Stars 5). To recap, going into the finale, Ra’Jah has two wins and two bottom placements, Ginger has two wins and three bottom placements, Kylie has one win and three bottom placements, and Eureka has one win and one bottom placement, which resulted in her elimination followed quickly by her re-entering the competition.

Without a clear frontrunner, the finale Rumix is going to be a huge deciding factor. In the first look at the final episode, Ru announces the queens will be writing verses and performing her new country song “This Is Our Country.” It’s a fitting choice for the four self-described country queens, all of whom hail from the American South, and they’ll be getting some extra special help from none other than country legend Tanya Tucker. The Grammy-winning artist surprises the Top 4 in the Werk Room to give them some advice on the challenge, and Ru even reveals Tucker will also have a part in the “This Is Our Country” Rumix. Check out the queens absolutely losing it in the clip below.

Since Ra’Jah, Kylie, Ginger, and Eureka have all performed spectacularly in singing and dancing challenges in the past, it’s really anyone’s guess who will shine brightest in the Rumix and take home the crown. One thing that is for sure, though, is that this is definitely going to be a performance to remember. Be sure to tune in when the All Stars 6 finale streams on Paramount+ on Thursday, Sept. 2.