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Dr. Luke Says Kesha's Claims In Her Latest Instagram Are A 'Publicity Stunt'


Hours after Kesha claimed she was offered her “freedom” if she retracted rape accusations against Dr. Luke, a spokesperson for the music producer released a statement saying Kesha's claims were nothing more than “publicity stunts” made to advance her career.

Kesha may have shed some incredibly disturbing light on her struggles with Sony and Kemosabe Records on Sunday through her Instagram post, which said she was offered her “freedom” as long as she issued a public apology to Dr. Luke and retracted her claims she was raped.

The full caption from the post reads,

In February, a Manhattan court ruled against the 29-year-old singer's attempt to cut contract ties with Sony over accusations she had been verbally, physically and sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke during her 10-year career.

In a statement issued to Rolling Stone hours after Kesha's post on Sunday, a spokesperson for Dr. Luke denied claims of a secret deal being offered to the pop singer, saying,

Sony went on record saying it is unable to let Kesha out of her contract because she is technically under Kemosabe Records and not Sony itself.

There were reports Sony planned on cutting ties with Dr. Luke before his contract ends in 2017, but Dr. Luke claims this isn't the case and his relationship with Sony records is as strong as ever.

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