The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake Finally Aired And Twitter Didn't Hold Back


The original is a '80s classic beloved by all, the new one... not so much.

ABC's attempt to recreate the magic of Dirty Dancing failed disastrously on Wednesday night, and Twitter was there to point out every excruciating detail.

The new ABC special differed in a few ways from the original — ABC expanded storylines for side characters, like Baby's mom and sister, to tack on an extra half hour of airtime — but most of the criticism came from how closely it tried to recreate the 1987 original, only to pale in comparison.

Although Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes were more or less hitting their marks in a paint-by-numbers replica of the original Dirty Dancing, it quickly became blatantly obvious they did not have the chemistry or charisma Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze exuded, which is really what made the movie a beloved classic in the first place.


Viewers also dinged the new movie for the music choices and the subpar dancing (which is really not OK for a movie with "Dancing" in the title). ABC attempted to modernize the iconic soundtrack of the original film by getting current pop artists to record covers of the songs in the '87 movie, like Karmin doing "Big Girls Don't Cry" and Greyson Chance singing "Hungry Eyes."

But the music fell just as flat as the rest of the remake — even having the cast sing their own songs turned out to produce stale, uninspired recuts of the originals.

Oh, and I haven't even talked about that bizarre ending yet!

Just when you think this remake is finally over, we flash forward 12 years to see Baby and Johnny meeting up again in New York, where he's become a Broadway choreographer and she's an author who's married to some other guy and has a kid. Yes, it was very La La Land, minus viewers having any sort of emotional attachment to these characters.

Let's just check out some more Twitter reactions, shall we?