'The Kardashians' Hulu show was exposed for staging a fake scene by Reddit sleuths.

Reddit Sleuths Are Calling Out The Kardashians For Faking A Scene In The Finale

I mean, something def felt off.


At this point, everyone knows that reality TV isn’t really “reality,” but the Kardashian fam may have veered a bit too far from the truth in the Season 1 finale of their Hulu show. The climactic episode lifted the curtain on how the famous family dealt with the shocking revelation that Khloé’s ex Tristan Thompson fathered a child with another woman, but eagle-eyed viewers called out one suspicious scene. Given all the evidence, it certainly seems like The Kardashians faked the Season 1 finale’s family meeting scene, possibly filming it weeks later than the show presented.

The main focus of The Kardashians’ June 16 finale was Khloé and the rest of her family discovering Tristan had confirmed his paternity of a baby with another woman. Using her legal know-how, Kim was the first to uncover the truth, and Khloé admitted she had no idea about it until Kim called her up to inform her. The rest of the family was also surprised, and Kris immediately called for a family meeting to plan their next moves. At least, that’s how the episode presented the sequence of events.

In reality, it seems like the family meeting wasn’t filmed until the end of January, about a month after the court documents Kim was shown reading leaked. The giveaway was Kourtney’s outfit during the scene. Superfans on Reddit quickly pointed out that Kourt was photographed wearing that same black jumpsuit for dinner with Travis Barker and their kids on Jan. 31. Commenters also pointed out her chrome nails in the scene exactly matched her nails for the Jan. 31 dinner date, which seemed to indicate she wasn’t just repeating an outfit from weeks earlier.


It all points to one thing: The Kardashians likely filmed the family meeting on Jan. 31 but pretended it was early December, right when the Tristan scandal broke.

In the Reddit thread, fans went on to point out that Khloé had definitely seen her family by that point, despite the scene claiming otherwise. In the family meeting scene, Kim said she got a text from Khloé that she would not be attending the sit-down, suggesting that she was too distraught over the sudden revelation to see her family. However, if the scene was filmed at the end of January, we know for a fact that Khloé had met up with her fam in the wake of the Tristan debacle before then, since she posted tons of pics celebrating Christmas with her mom and sisters at the end of 2021.

This proposed timeline gives a much more understandable context to everyone’s behavior at the meeting. Kourtney and Kris were noticeably blasé about what should have been bombshell information, whereas Kim actually blew up in a surprisingly enraged rant. Kim seethed that she wanted to “put it on blast,” turning to the cameras with a threatening warning: “If you don’t think I screenshot every single f*cking thing…”

The scene presented this as Kim’s anger over Tristan, but it actually feels much more likely that it was directed at her own ex, Kanye West. After all, it’s not often viewers see Kim angry like that, so it felt like it was much more personal than just her sister’s drama, and her mention of screenshots felt much more connected to her Kanye controversy. If the meeting was filmed on Jan. 31, that would’ve been when Kanye was just ramping up his Instagram hate campaign for Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Throughout the start of 2022, Kanye posted numerous disparaging remarks about Kim and Pete on Instagram, which have since been deleted. That’s why Kim’s “screenshots” rant could have actually been a message for her ex, not Khloé’s.

All in all, their show title may have changed, but clearly, keeping up with the Kardashians is as difficult as ever.