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Bachelor Nation thinks Riley and Maurissa from 'Bachelor In Paradise' broke up. Here are some clues.

Here's Why Bachelor Nation Is Convinced BIP Couple Riley And Maurissa Broke Up

They've been sus on social media for a while...

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The Bachelor producers work hard, but Bachelor Nation works harder... especially when there’s something suspicious going on in a fan-fave relationship. Recent breakup rumors have been circulating around Bachelor in Paradise couple Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian. The pair, who got together on Season 7 of the series, has been acting sus on social media and fans are pretty sure all the clues point to the duo going their separate ways. As the franchise's first Black couple to be engaged on the show, Gunn and Christian found their way into Bachelor Nation’s hearts, which is making these rumors even more upsetting. So, the big question on everyone’s mind is: did Riley and Maurissa from Bachelor in Paradise break up? Here are some clues fans have been able to find.

The possibility that all is not well in paradise for Gunn and Christian comes after a series of breakups have rocked Bachelor Nation at the end of 2021. Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston and now ex-fiancé Blake Moynes called it quits in October 2021. Nearly over a month later, rumors circulated that Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark called off their engagement, which was confirmed during Michelle Young’s Men Tell All episode on Dec. 6.

In the case of Gunn and Christian, the breakup clues started when fans noticed that Gunn deleted a handful of pics of her and Christian on her IG profile. The most *recent* pic of the pair on her profile are the photos from their People photoshoot and a few promo pics of their time on Bachelor In Paradise. On Friday, Jan. 7, Gunn shared a mirror selfie on IG Stories where many people suggested she was not wearing her Neil Lane engagement ring. However, some believe that it being a reflected photo, that the hand shown in the pic is actually her right hand.

Unlike Gunn, Christian has not deleted any Maurissa content from his IG profile. What has fans more confused is Christian’s very recent pic of himself and Gunn sporting matching black boots and red laces on Dec. 28. The pic leaves Bachelor Nation questioning when the alleged breakup took place.

On Jan. 6, Christian shared a workout video with a caption that has fans continuing to pull hints about a breakup. “We ain’t come this far just to come this far,” he wrote. “Work hard, stay humble, but still let ‘em know that you got it. No matter how many times we get knocked down we get back up. Giving it everything we got all 2022.”

The speculations were fueled on Twitter too. On Dec. 30, Gunn tweeted, “Sometimes you just have to see people for who they are, and not the potential they have.” However, her pinned tweet is the interview that she and Christian did with People in October.

As recently as Jan. 6, Christian has also shared a slew of tweets that Bachelor fans are diving into. “Try not to be stagnant when facing obstacles that are beyond your control,” he wrote in the tweet. “Just do what you can. That way, when things finally do fall into place, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.”

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising tweet is a quote tweet Christian shared on Jan. 4 that said, “If it compromises your mental health or happiness don’t be afraid to walk away!” Christian quote-tweeted that message with a bullseye emoji, leaving fans to think it nods towards a breakup clue.

Both Gunn and Christian still follow each other on social media, so it hasn’t reached that level yet. In the meantime, Bachelor Nation is hoping that this fan-favorite couple is still alright, despite the sus posts.