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Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson spark breakup rumors because the two haven't posted any pictures...

Here's Why TSITP Fans Think Gavin Casalegno Quietly Broke Up With His GF

They haven't posted together in a while...

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Not only is it The Summer I Turned Pretty, but it also may be the summer Gavin Casalegno ventures into single life. The TV heartthrob immediately won over viewers’ hearts as the boyish Jeremiah on The Summer I Turned Pretty who woos girl-next-door Lola Tung as Belly. Though Jeremiah was single on the show, Casalegno himself has been in a relationship with model and actor Larsen Thompson for six years — but now fans are starting to wonder if the couple has silently called it quits. The pair are notorious for spamming each other’s social media with their PDA, but they’ve been uncharacteristically absent from one another’s feeds for the last few months. Now, the question everyone is asking is: Did Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson break up? Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Casalegno and Thompson for comment on these rumors, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

After Casalegno’s star-making turn in The Summer I Turned Pretty, which premiered on June 17, all eyes were on the young actor... and fans noticed something a bit sus about his relationship. He and his six-year girlfriend Larsen consistently posted pics together and commented on each other’s posts, but that seemed to stop in May. In a July 28 report, Us Weekly stirred the breakup rumors up by noting the couple hasn’t appeared together in an IG post since April, and Larsen hasn’t appeared to like or comment on any of Casalegno’s posts since May. Furthering the goss, Us Weekly pointed out Larsen didn’t attend Casalegno’s The Summer I Turned Pretty premiere event, nor did she ever post about her BF’s hit series.

Of course, this is all just social media sleuthing at this point, and it’s totally possible Casalegno and Larsen have just been too busy in recent months to find time to be together. Plus, Casalegno was gushing about his love for Larsen during his TSITP press tour.

In a June 18 interview with Seventeen, Casalegno admitted that he is a hopeless romantic. To prove it, he also shared a story of how he surprised Thompson only a week into dating so he could be with her for her 16th birthday: “I secretly bought a plane ticket out to go surprise her for her 16th. Her parents brought her to some restaurant at Universal Studios and I jumped out of the corner and fake proposed with a Hershey's kiss.” Everything about their relationship seemed as sweet as a Hershey’s kiss, but the social media signs point to a possible split not even chocolate could save.

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Casalegno isn’t the only busybody in their relationship — Thompson has a flourishing acting career, too. In October, she’s set to star in a Netflix thriller, The Midnight Club, and in 2023 you’ll catch her on the silver screen in American Cherry. Unsurprisingly, she also models and has booked deals with names like Ferrari Style and Carolina Herrera.

It’s too early to really be sure what’s going on between Casalegno and Larsen, but hopefully this bit of social media distance was only temporary and love will win out in the end.