Tiny Detail In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photo May Confirm The Next Major Death


As we get closer and closer to finally returning to Westeros for a new season of Game of Thrones, the hardcore fans are already putting the pieces together of what might go down in Season 7.

The latest fan theory points to an object on Arya Stark's person that looks like it foreshadows the death of one of the show's major characters.

Take a close look at the Stark family reunion pics in a recent Entertainment Weekly photo shoot:

Do you see that blade in Arya's hilt? It's not Needle! The magazine's cover gives fans a closer look at the new weapon Arya is wielding.

So, what's the big deal about Arya's new blade? Well, according to some Redditors, the fact Arya has that weapon can only mean one thing: She killed Littlefinger.

Apparently, the unique Valyrian steel dagger is in Littlefinger's possession at the end of Season 6, so it seems likely the only way Arya would have it now is if she stole it or killed him for it.

And knowing Arya, it's more likely she goes for blood, especially if she finds out all the crap he's put Sansa through.

One Redditor traced the history of Littlefinger's dagger to illustrate the point. It has actually gone through a lot of hands throughout the series -- from Robert Baratheon to an assassin Joffrey sent to kill Bran to the Stark family themselves.

But after Little finger betrays the Starks, it's mentioned he has the unique blade in his possession.


Soooo, yeah — things are looking pretty grim for Littlefinger this season.

Additionally, after the trailer for Season 7 was released, fans theorized Jon Snow might kill Littlefinger after he reveals the bastard's true parentage to him. It sounds like Littlefinger's days are definitely numbered, you guys.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will premiere on July 16.

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