You May Have Missed This Detail About Arya In The New 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer


Winter is finally here, you guys, and it's going to be epic. Game of Thrones just dropped its first full-length trailer for season 7 and it proves that Westeros is about to be thrown upside down this season.

But with all of that action going on, you might have missed one pretty crucial detail about what the youngest Stark is up to.

It looks like all the action is coming to King's Landing this season as the major candidates for the Iron Throne finally challenge Cersei for control of the kingdom, but it doesn't look like Arya Stark is going in the same direction as Daenerys, Jon Snow, the Iron Island armies, and all the other major players in the game.

Instead, we see Arya alone in the snow trying to make a fire. Hmmm, where is it snowy all the time and super uninhabitable? Could she be... north of The Wall!?


Prior to now, the only characters we've seen go north of The Wall have been two of Arya's brothers: Jon Snow and some other members of the Night's Watch, and Bran Stark along with his few travel companions. They've been the only characters in the series to show any real concern about a potential uprising of White Walkers, the nearly indestructible ice zombies that reside beyond The Wall.

If Arya is indeed going north of The Wall this season, she'll most likely run into some White Walkers as well, and maybe she'll even reunite with Bran, who's still chilling up there. Prior teasers have hinted that the White Walkers will be a big part of season 7, so it's totally likely that Arya will learn all about them up north.

Then again, we wouldn't really expect Arya to steer clear of all the action in Westeros. After all, the last time we saw her, she was more hell-bent than ever to complete her kill list, having just slit Walder Frey's throat with her new illusory skills in the season 6 finale. Since nearly all of the people left on her list are down in Casterly Rock, wouldn't she head that way?

Hmm... I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Arya really gets up to in the new season of Game of Thrones when it premieres on July 16. Until then, check out the new trailer for the season below.