This One Detail From 'Orange Is The New Black' Could Mean Big Things For Alex


Warning: This post contains spoilers through Season 5 Episode 12 of Orange is the New Black. Proceed at your own risk.

If you spent all weekend binge watching Season 5 of Orange is the New Black, you probably know by now that we are (once again) left with more questions than answers.

Yep, in the true spirit of OITNB, the season concluded on a fairly wide open cliffhanger.


The good news is Netflix has already renewed the show for both a Season 6 and a Season 7.

So even though we'll have to wait until next summer, hopefully Season 6 will fill us in on the fate of all the former Litchfield inmates.

In fact, if you were watching this season closely, you might have picked up some hints on what the future holds for one Litchfield inmate in particular: Alex Vause (AKA Laura Prepon).


Alex, like most of the characters this season, has been having kind of a rough time of it. She had her arm broken by actual sociopath CO Piscatella.

Assuming the police don't murder the inmates left inside Litchfield in the season premiere, things could go from bad to a lot worse for Alex in Season 6.


As Reddit user NawakiS pointed out, Gina got Alex being tortured by Piscatella on video.

The video went viral, meaning Alex's face and location is now plastered all over the internet.


Unfortunately for Alex, she's suppose to be dead, in order to keep her safe from her crazy former drug boss, Kubra Balik.

(In case you forgot: Last season, Kubra sent his guy, Aydin, into Litchfield to take out Alex. Alex and Lolly got the better of him, and sent Kubra photos on Aydin's phone of Alex appearing "dead." Alex then suffocated Aydin and buried him in the garden.)


Now with her face on the national news, it seems likely that Kubra will figure out Alex is alive, and realize why Aydin never returned from his mission.

So, can we assume then that Kubra will be back in Season 6 in some way? Especially now that Alex has confessed to killing a man to many of the inmates, as well as Linda from purchasing?

We'll have to wait a whole year to find out. Start counting the days!