Demi Lovato Went On A Twitter Rant To Announce She's Done With Social Media

by Eitan Levine

Demi Lovato is “confident” she's done with social media.

Demi! We love you! I feel like that needs to be said up top.

I think we all appreciate Demi Lovato in some major capacity and are fans of her songs and message. She's grown up from unassuming "Camp Rock"-er into a full-on brassy musical powerhouse, and we couldn't be prouder.

But as great as Demi has always been, she's also been equally terrible at social media. She just doesn't have it in her to hide her emotions and navigate the tightrope act that is building a public brand on the web.

Plus, she's like WAYYYY too prideful. Remember that Taylor Swift thing? You can't throw down with Taylor and expect to come out on top -- especially when you're kind of completely wrong in that particular situation.

So maybe it's a good thing the 23-year-old singer announced she is officially stepping away from Twitter and Instagram.


Lovato says she's only going on a semi-social media purge, opting to focus her online efforts primarily through Snapchat because it doesn't allow fans to comment on her posts.


If this is all true, Lovato leaves behind a staggering 36.6 million followers on Twitter and 40.8 million subscribers on Instagram.


Though she never specified in any of the posts, there is a good chance her Twitter/Instagram exit is because of the backlash she received after making a comment on Instagram about Mariah Carey.

Bye, Demi, your only flaw is you flew too close to the sun... then tweeted at the sun "YOU'RE ENTIRELY TOO HOT! STOP BEING SUCH A GODDAMN HOT MESS!" and the sun was like, "I'm the sun. I heat the earth!" and then you were like, "EFFING PROVE IT," and the sun proved it, but you wouldn't admit you were wrong, ending the Twitter fight by calling the sun a "hot ass bitch."*

*None of this happened. I just wanted to share with you how I imagined Demi talking with the sun would go.