Demi Lovato Returns To Twitter 24 Hours After Saying Goodbye Forever

by Kate Ryan

You might recall that Demi Lovato went on an epic Twitter rant on Monday explaining how she was done with social media... FOREVER.


She had a lot of feelings, a lot of words in general to get off her chest about that, and for a hot second it looked like she was really done with the Internet for good.


Well, now it's Tuesday and it appears she's made a full 180. Literally 24 hours after Demi Lovato bid farewell to Twitter, she's back and raring to go. She's a new person with even more to say! And she's coming back "more honest than ever."

She made the announcement very clear with this sassy tweet:


Notice anything unusual about that time stamp?!?!


I'm sensing the Illuminati are definitely involved in this somehow, but we'll have to wait for more details to confirm that suspicion. In the meantime, check out these hilarious reactions to Demi Lovato's dramatic comeback.

Whoah, look at People biting back with a clutch GIF.

Some of us are a bit skeptical...

Might as well try, right?

Can you hear me over all this YASSS?!

People are already trying to help her select memes.

We've never been more ready.

Consider us all little lambs.


Except she's swimming back... after making it, like, ten yards away from shore.

We missed you, Demi. Welcome back.