The 'Dead to Me' series finale left fans with so many unanswered questions.

Dead To Me Is Over, But There Are Still So Many Loose Ends

Did Jen and Judy *really* get away with it?

by Dylan Kickham

Jen and Judy’s journey may be over, but it may not exactly feel that way for Dead to Me viewers. The dark comedy went full drama for its third and final season, doubling down on the heavy emotions and high stakes. That also meant veering away from the twisty murder mystery element a bit, and in the end, the show concluded without wrapping up some major loose ends. These unanswered questions are what every fan is wondering about after the Dead to Me series finale.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watch the Dead to Me Season 3 finale. If you were hoping for a nice, tidy conclusion to Dead to Me, you really missed the point of the show. The dramedy was always about the messiness of life, and it carried that chaotic energy all the way to the end of the series. The final season focused more on Judy’s cancer battle and Jen’s unexpected pregnancy than on their actual murder coverup, so when Steve Wood’s murder case was suddenly solved, it left a ton of questions still unanswered.

Let’s go over some of the lingering loose ends that just might haunt you for the rest of your life.

1. Who Killed Agent Moranis?


One of the biggest mysteries of the finale is who was behind FBI agent Glenn Moranis’ death. The investigator suddenly died right as he seemed to figure out Jen and Judy were behind Steve’s murder, but strangely, the show ended without revealing who did the deed. There are a ton of prime suspects (Did Agent Perez finally go rogue? Did Judy’s mom do her one last grim favor?) but unfortunately, it seems like fans won’t ever get a solid answer to this mystery.

2. How Will Ben React To The Truth?

Dead to Me loves a good cliffhanger, so naturally the series ended with a big one. In the very last scene, Jen finally decided to come clean to Ben about killing his twin brother. But viewers never got to see how Ben responded to the traumatic truth. Will Jen’s revelation cause him to break up with her, or had the two built up a strong enough relationship to withstand even a murder confession? That’s a question each fan will have to answer for themself.

3. Is Jen Really In The Clear?

It’s kind of hard to believe Jen got off scot-free after killing Steve and then pretty messily trying to cover it up. But the two-year time jump in the finale certainly seemed to signal that Jen faced no repercussions for her crime and was no longer under police investigation. So, after all that time when the cops were convinced Jen killed Steve, they suddenly just totally bought the story that the Greek mafia killed him and was also responsible for the whole coverup? Fans might be wondering if Jen really got away with murder, or if another shoe is going to drop eventually.

4. Did Nick Report Judy’s Murder Confession?

After Judy realized she was about to die, she told Nick she was responsible for all of Jen’s crimes in order to keep her friend safe. Nick, who’d been trying harder than ever to be a vigilant detective, was pretty adamant about reporting the confession, but decided to wait a few days so Judy could take part in a cancer treatment trial. And... that’s the last fans ever heard about Judy fully confessing to killing Steve to the police. Did Nick report Judy’s confession after her death, and is that part of why Jen ended up totally free from any suspicion? It kind of seems that way, but fans will never know for sure.

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