'Dead to Me' Season 3 didn't solve the mystery of who killed Glenn Moranis.

We Need To Talk About That All-Too-Convenient Dead To Me Twist

Did anyone see that coming?


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the series finale of Dead to Me. There are a lot of shady schemes going on in Dead to Me, and the show’s final season totally amped that up with even more secrets, lies, and deception than ever before. At a certain point, it starts to get confusing trying to remember who knows what, but a new character introduced in Season 3 seemed to be the person connecting all the dots... until he wasn’t. FBI agent Glenn Moranis’ death at the end of the series was a shock, but the real twist was that his murder was never explicitly solved. So, who killed Glenn Moranis in Dead to Me? Let’s go over all the prime suspects.

At first, it felt like Agent Moranis was going to majorly shake things up for Jen and Judy, but in actuality, he wound up not being as pivotal as expected. Just when it seemed like Moranis was going to pin Steve’s murder on Jen and Judy, he suddenly died. It was an incredibly convenient development for our favorite outlaws, as the whole fiasco was blamed on the Greek mafia, meaning Jen and Judy actually got away with all their crimes.

But strangely, Dead to Me ended without ever revealing who killed Moranis and wound up being Jen and Judy’s true savior. There are a few suspects who may have been behind the murder.


1. Jen killed

Jen obviously had to most to gain from Moranis’ death, and was even eager to plot the FBI agent’s murder right after she thought he stole some of her DNA. It also really seemed like she put something in those scones she gave him, since Moranis suffered a near-lethal choking fit after eating one. However, the case against this theory is that Jen seemed truly shocked when she learned of Moranis’ death, tearing up out of intense relief. Then again, maybe Jen’s just picked up some convincing acting skills from being around Judy so much, and she really did kill an FBI agent to keep her bestie out of jail.

2. Judy’s mom

Eleanor Hale turned out to be a pretty cool mom to Judy in the end, even agreeing to wear her daughter’s ankle monitor to allow her to spend her last free days on vacation in Mexico. Perhaps that wasn’t the only favor she did for her daughter. Eleanor definitely isn’t too concerned with committing crimes, and she had just turned over a whole new leaf with Judy after learning of her cancer. It’s not too hard to believe Eleanor paid Moranis a deadly visit before skipping town.

3. Agent Perez

A big part of Agent Perez’s arc in Season 3 was her moving further and further away from the law. At the start of Dead to Me, Perez was a hardened detective convinced Jen and Judy needed to be put away, but after growing closer to them, Perez empathized and decided to try to help them cover up Steve’s murder from the inside. But just how far was she willing to go? Viewers know Perez confiscated Moranis’ files on Steve’s case after his death — could she have been the one to kill him in order to torch the files and free her friends? It would certainly be a huge personality shift for her character, but one that felt heavily foreshadowed.

4. Nick

Like Agent Perez, Nick had always been concerned with being a good cop, but even after Judy confessed to killing Steve, he still agreed to let her go free for a few weeks. When he told Perez about his law-breaking decision, he let a very telling comment slip: He’d lose his job if Moranis ever found out. That right there is what those in the biz call motive — not only did Nick want to protect Judy, but he also wanted to keep his job.

5. The Greek syndicate

This possibility isn’t as juicy as the others, but it’s still a strong one. Jen saw two members of the Greek mafia at Moranis’ apartment just before his death, and they had been chasing Judy down to try to recover the money Steve stole from them. It’s very likely they killed Moranis to get more info on Steve’s stolen money.

6. His ex-wife

OK, yeah, probably not — but Moranis sure did talk about his ex-wife a lot. Maybe she wanted something more permanent than a divorce.

Dead to Me’s final season is now streaming on Netflix.