10 Times Dax Shepard Reminded Us He's The Total Package

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Let's be real for a sec: Dax Shepard is the perfect human.

He's an actor, comedian, director, writer, husband, father and an all-around WONDERFUL man. He's accomplished more in his 41 years of life than I probably will in a lifetime.

He's smart, funny, kind and also married to the beautiful Kristen Bell. You could say he's living the good life.

To honor this amazing man, let's look back at 10 times Dax reminded us he's the total package.

1. When he kissed his dad on the cheek and it made your heart MELT.

2. And when he showed off his adventurous and athletic side. DAMN.

3. There was that time he acted super goofy with Bradley Cooper, and it was absolutely adorable.

4. And that time he unapologetically talked about his obsession with Netflix.

Dax just GETS us.

5. What about when he sent out this thoughtful message to the world? How sweet!

6. And then, of course, when he showed off his nerdy side.

7. We can't forget about when he asked the hard questions. Dax Shepard is just a man trying to get some answers to the meaning of life.

8. And, most importantly, when he was the most INCREDIBLE HUSBAND EVER.

9. Which seriously seems to be every day of his life.

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10. Moral of the story: Kristen Bell is one lucky girl.

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