This Tiny Clue About Dany’s Dragons On 'GOT' May Foreshadow A Dark End

by Ani Bundel

One of the most touching moments on Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 6 was Jon Snow's meeting with Drogon on the fields outside of Dragonstone. While some might have thought him about to be toast, instead of burning him alive, Drogon allowed Jon to pet him! But this clue about Daenerys' dragons on Game Of Thrones could suggest that the moments will be short lived.

After dismounting and allowing Drogon to fly away, Dany admitted something to Jon Snow that she doesn't let outsiders of her circle hear too often. She loves her dragons with all her heart. They're not beasts, not to her. They're her children, that she raised from hatchlings after she birthed them with fire. It doesn't matter how big they get — from tiny little marshmallow toasters in Qarth, all the way to the size they are now, where it's hard to get them to fit on the screen without resorting to wide shots.

But what's the one thing we know about love on Game of Thrones? It's dangerous. Robb Stark loved, and it cost him his kingdom. Littlefinger loved, and the entire Stark family suffered. Cersei Lannister loved her children, and now there are no windows in the Sept anymore.


Westeros is a world where nothing good can stay. Even the pure romances like Missandei and Grey Worm are tainted. (Especially if you've never been able to divorce them from the books where they are brother and sister and Missandei is 12.) Admitting you love someone is admitting a weakness.

And queens cannot afford weaknesses. Especially if they're trying to conquer continents.

Cersei lost all three of her children. This week, we learned she's gotten another chance. But that makes her even more deadly. If she were to realize how much those dragons meant to Dany, she will aim for all of their heads -- three children for the three she lost.


One hopes it won't come to that. But the dragons of Westeros are, in most fans eyes, immortal beasts that can't possibly die before the end of Season 8. That would be unthinkable.

And we all know what happens when there's a character who everyone assumes will live. Especially the ones we are so secure about that we don't even have them on our death radars, like Hodor.

Just remember what Arya says: Anyone can be killed.