Dan Levy and Catherine O'Hara opened up to People Magazine that a 'Schitt's Creek' movie is TBD!

Catherine O'Hara Has An Exciting Update About A Schitt's Creek Movie

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There is no doubt that Schitt’s Creek is one of the most beloved television shows in recent memory, and it has nine Primetime Emmy awards to prove it. It’s one of the few shows to close on a high after six successful seasons, with devoted fans still begging for more. Wrapping up a show before the stories get stale is a power move that sets the bar high. And with the fans still clamoring for more, it sounds like maybe, just maybe, they might get their wish.

A potential Schitt’s Creek movie was teased by the show’s writer and star Dan Levy back in 2022. In a People interview, writer and star Dan Levy gave fans a little hope by dropping hints that a movie could be on the horizon.

After talking about his hopes for the cast to get together again, Levy discussed the future of Schitt’s Creek, saying that their comeback is simply waiting on the right story to coalesce. “I think it just comes down to making sure that it’s the right story to tell,” Levy said. “And I think we’re also proud of the work we did on Schitt’s. And when you end on such a high, it really forces you to think very carefully about what the next step is.”

So there’s a next step? Every storyline on the show got wrapped up with a neat little bow by the end of the final season, so anything that comes “next” will have to be a new story.


The fan dedication to the show is unwavering, and Levy revealed that love encourages him to want to give them more without sacrificing the show’s integrity. “I think when you have an audience that’s paid attention to you for 80 episodes of a television show, the last thing you want is to put something out that makes them think this feels like a cash grab.” There are plenty of shows that have run well past their expiration date, and when in a rush, it gets harder and harder to tell a compelling story, which is exactly what Levy wants to avoid.

All hope is not lost, though! In 2020, shortly after the show’s final season, Levy spoke about possibly continuing the Schitt’s Creek story with a movie, but it had not been addressed since — until the People interview. “TBD, but a TBD with an exclamation mark on the end,” Levy said in 2022.

While a potential movie hasn’t been updated from TBD status yet, Catherine O’Hara added some fuel to the fire recently. In a 2024 People interview, O’Hara confirmed she’d be down for a movie, adding that she’s holding out hope it will come together in the future.

“I'd love to just be with them all again. Doing a movie would be wonderful,” O’Hara said. “Yeah, I hope it happens."

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