Daenerys Just Had Her Saddest Scene Ever On 'GOT' & We're Crying, Too

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. This week's death of Viserion was a hard blow for fans, most of whom didn't see it coming, despite the months of people attempting to spoil it. It was quite possibly the biggest heartbreak of the show since Ned's beheading back in Season 1. Certainly, it was the hardest to watch since Hodor's death in Season 6.  But part of what tore our hearts to shreds wasn't just the loss of this glorious creature... it was the heartbreak of his mother, and Daenerys' reaction to Viserion's death.

Let us think back, far back, to another mother of three children, who has systematically lost them all over the course of the last few years: Cersei. Remember when Joffrey went down? The panicked look on Cersei's face? The sheer scream that ripped from her throat as she watched the first moment of the prophecy about her children come true? Or how about when Myrcella died, and she wailed and sobbed and pounded her fist against Jaime, that she really was losing her babies?

Or the cold flat look as she examined Tommen's body, broken from it's long fall from the Red Keep?

Daenerys did none of those things.


Daenerys' response to the death of her child, the first of three, was silent shock. (I say "first of three" because she may very well lose the other two in the final battle. It strikes me that mirroring Dany and Cersei like that is something the show would totally do.)

Just, that. Shock. She couldn't move. She couldn't think. For her, this was the unthinkable happening. She was the mother of dragons. As far as she was concerned, her dragons were immortal. Despite Bronn's firing at Drogon the other week, despite the Harpies injuring him in Meereen in Season 5, she couldn't fathom losing them.

Then the tears.


It felt almost like Jon's "I'm so, so sorry" was what broke her. She'd been holding it in, strong as she could be, a leader who won't show her grief. And yet hearing someone say, in the most sincere way, that he was so sorry for her loss was too much.

It could have been worse, he could have broken out that Rainbow Bridge poem that people recite when their beloved pet dies. I don't think Daenerys could have handled that.


But still, she didn't sob, or rend her garments. That's not Daenerys Targaryen's way. She's going to take that grief, and she's going to use it.



The Night King doesn't know what's coming for him. A mother's rage is as terrible as you can imagine. Her revenge will be terrible to behold. Cersei Lannister, eat your heart out.