Cynthia Nixon revealed why Che Diaz exited 'And Just Like That.'

Cynthia Nixon Explained Why Che Diaz Is Leaving And Just Like That

“They created such an amazing character — such a controversial character...”


The “comedy concert” is over on And Just Like That. A few months after Max renewed the Sex and the City continuation for its third season, it was reported that Sara Ramírez would not be returning as the no-nonsense comedian Che Diaz. The departure came as a surprise, given how integral Che has been to the series, and signaled a big change in Miranda’s upcoming storyline. Now, Cynthia Nixon is revealing what went into the decision to cut Che’s mic.

Nixon addressed Che’s sudden exit in a May 30 Variety profile. She stated that both Ramírez and showrunner Michael Patrick King came to a mutual agreement that Che had simply done everything they were meant to do in the show. “They created such an amazing character — such a controversial character, but such an amazing character,” Nixon said. “I think they felt, and Michael Patrick felt, that that character had run its course. They came in and shook everything up, and then the arc was completed.”

During the first two seasons of AJLT, Che was an important agent of change in both Carrie and Miranda’s life. As Carrie’s unfiltered podcast co-host, they pushed her to be more sexually adventurous and educate herself on LGBTQ+ issues. And they opened up Miranda’s love life like never before, entering a steamy but drama-filled affair with the lawyer.


Che went through some pretty major hurdles in what is now their final season, having lost their big TV pilot after a test audience didn’t respond to their nonbinary character (a story arc that felt like a meta commentary on how Che’s character had been received). Their relationship with Miranda struggled due to distance, as well as the demands of Miranda’s ongoing divorce from Steve. In the end, the two decided it was best to end things, and in Che’s final scene, it looked like they were going to move on with a newly introduced fan named Toby.

With Miranda divorced from Steve and un-entangled from Che, the stage is set for Season 3 to see her back on the dating market. “I do feel like our show always works best when people are dating,” Nixon shared. So get ready, because Miranda Hobbes is back on the prowl.