I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
Che and Miranda in 'And Just Like That' Episode 8

Things Do Not Look Good For Miranda And Che In The New AJLT Promo

Plus, Steve may finally get some answers.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Regardless of how you feel about Miranda’s storyline in And Just Like That, you have to admit: With only two episodes left, you’re intrigued to see how it will all end. Whether you’ve spent the past few weeks ripping on Che, waiting for justice for Steve, or sincerely rooting for Miranda’s happiness at whatever cost, the And Just Like That Episode 9 promo is one for you to watch.

Warning: Spoilers for And Just Like That Episode 8, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” follow. After essentially giving up on her marriage to Steve and giving into her feelings for Che, Miranda saw things come to a head in the Jan. 20 episode. It all happened so quickly: Che discovered Miranda was not, in fact, in an open marriage like they believed, so they called it quits, saying Miranda needed to figure out how to be her authentic self. The next thing viewers knew, Miranda was asking Steve for a divorce, telling him she’d met someone else. And just like that, Miranda was off to the airport to surprise Che in Cleveland and tell them they could be together for real.

But judging by the promo — and, like, common sense — this is not going to go as smoothly as Miranda expected.

The promo shows Miranda showing up on Che’s doorstep, with Che being... surprised to see her, to say the least. In fact, based on Che’s hushed tones when telling Miranda they’re not dating, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Che has a romantic partner over during their conversation.

Elsewhere in the promo, Charlotte seems to be having problems with Lily (as Rock’s storyline has faded into the background, at least for now), Seema struggles with NYC nightlife, and Carrie goes on a second date with Peter, the widower teacher with whom she had a disastrous first outing. There’s also a brief clip of Steve and Carrie, in which he asks her for more information about Miranda’s relationship with Che. Carrie’s immediate response was to step into a tray of paint, so you can imagine that’s not going to go super well for either of them.

Viewers can see how all of this will pan out when And Just Like That Episode 9 hits HBO Max on Jan. 27.