Clay from 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 said his ending was edited.

Clay Claimed Love Is Blind "Edited" His Controversial Ending

"I was edited."


Clay is finally ready to talk about his Love Is Blind finale decision. In Season 6’s climactic weddings episode, his fiancée AD was ready to say “I do” to a life together, but Clay didn’t reciprocate. “I just don't think it's responsible for me to say ‘I do’ at this point when I still need work,” Clay confessed at the altar. “I still need to get to the point where I'm 100% in.”

The rejection caused AD to burst into tears and leave the ceremony questioning why Clay put her through all of this, accusing him of wasting her time. Many viewers had similar feelings towards Clay, questioning why he’d go all the way to the altar when he knew he wasn’t ready for marriage.

It’s not like Clay’s situation is totally new to the dramatic dating series — several couples on past seasons have walked down the aisle together only to end things in the middle of their wedding ceremonies. But Clay’s reasoning struck fans differently, as he still seemed to want to keep the door open to dating AD while turning down a marriage to her.

Obviously, Clay’s Instagram was flooded with comments after the finale aired, especially when he posted a video laughing off the “negative conspiracy theories” about him. One commenter chastised him for going on a show about marriage when he wasn’t ready to tie the knot. Clay shot back that a lot of his and AD’s relationship was edited to create that storyline, but it’s not necessarily the truth.

“I was edited,” Clay wrote. “You think she followed me the whole way without me loving her? And yal keep bringing up the concept of the show. The concept is to see if love is blind. You make your decision at the end. That’s how it’s suppose to go. The show producer even came out and said that.”


Clay repeated his point about the show’s concept in other replies as well, asserting that he had to walk to the altar with AD to deliver his decision due to how Love Is Blind is formatted.


Other commenters said Clay shouldn’t have gone on the show if he knew he had issues around marriage, to which he simply responded that he didn’t fully know he had those issues until he was forced to face them in the experiment.


Clay’s choice to not get married may have been a controversial one, but it seems like he’s standing by it no matter what detractors have to say.