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"Christian Girl Autumn" Muse Caitlin Covington's Annual Fall Photos Are Coming

Stop, I can't wait.

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It’s finally fall, and extremely online people know what that means. Ever heard of Christian Girl Autumn? This internet trend and meme is something of a cult classic for the fall season. Now, Caitlin Covington — the unofficial muse of the meme — announced her popular annual fall photos are on the horizon, signifying Christian Girl Autumn is officially upon us.

On Oct. 7, Covington shared a carousel of throwback, fall-centric photos on Instagram, some of which have since become popular memes. In the caption, she said she’s preparing to shoot this year’s edition of her Autumnal photos very soon.

“We are leaving on our annual Vermont trip next week & I cannot wait!!! Bring on allllll the fall,” Covington wrote alongside a wink face emoji. The North Carolina influencer even set her location on the post to “Somewhere In Vermont.” Yeah, I will be seated for the release of these photos, though Covington didn’t state when she’ll drop this year’s collection.

IYDK, the phrase “Christian Girl Autumn” started on Twitter in 2019 as a riff of Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic “Hot Girl Summer” tagline. At the time, according to Vox, Twitter user @lasagnabby tweeted, “Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn ??” alongside a picture of Covington and another lifestyle influencer, Emily Gemma.

The photo was notable because the brunette duo wore oversized scarves, neutral-toned tops, suede boots, and matching designer bags. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Covington revealed the picture was taken in 2016 when she and Gemma were shooting their seasonal “fall content.” Both women run their own lifestyle-and-fashion centered blogs: Gemma’s The Sweetest Thing and Covington’s Southern Curls & Pearls.

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Naturally, Twitter turned the tweet into a meme, with the crux of the joke focusing on the women’s overall lifestyle-influencer aesthetic. As BuzzFeed News reported, some Twitter users satirized the viral photo by associating the aesthetic with cultural insensitivity, homophobia, and Karen-like behavior.

The meme found its way to Covington and Gemma. While the two fully leaned into the lighthearted joke, they clarified to BuzzFeed News that they didn’t agree with the intolerant connotations of the meme. “That’s not me at all,” Covington told the publication. “I’m a nice person and I love everyone and I’m accepting of everyone.”

Gemma said, “I laughed at all of it but...none of it’s true. We don’t ever want to speak to the manager!”

It appears that Covington has no ill will about embracing the good vibes of the meme. Last month, the influencer collaborated with clothing brand, Liverpool Los Angeles, on an exclusive collection of fall-inspired fits. The line, which is available on Liverpool’s official website, features pieces like cozy cardigans, knit and button-down tops, blazers, and jeans.

When the Twitter updates account Pop Crave tweeted news of Covington’s upcoming Vermont photoshoot, she quote-tweeted the post and said, “See you soon, Vermont!”

At this point, this is Covington’s season and we’re just living in it.