Chris Rock Just Became Everyone's Favorite Oscars Host of All Time

by Jake Cappuccino

After what felt like hours of red carpet pre-show, I was finally ready to hear what 88th Academy Awards host Chris Rock had to say about racism, Hollywood and the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

I could say what I think, but the Internet pretty much feels the same way I do.

If Twitter were to vote right now on how good a host Rock was based on just his opening monologue, the answer would be unanimous: Chris Rock f*cking killed it.

The comedian and host took the opening moments to let viewers know Hollywood is indeed racist, but he always kept the situation funny and on point. That tactic apparently worked, because a number of commenters already suggested he's the best Oscars host ever.

Yep, it seems Chris Rock found the secret formula of Oscars opening monologues: It's OK to be damning as long as you're funny and entertaining.

I hope Hollywood actually hears what Chris Rock said and follows through, otherwise the Academy will have to bring him back again next year. But hey, if he says something half as awesome as what he said tonight, he'll be everyone's favorite all over again. Kudos for legitimately raising the Oscars host bar, Chris.