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Here's What Chris Hemsworth Said About Liam And Miley's Alleged Engagement


So, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are apparently re-engaged and we're all looking forward to undoubtedly drama-free marriage (lol).

But what does big bro have to say about little Gale's future wedding?

In short, nothing, really.

The "Thor" actor reportedly spoke to "Entertainment Tonight" at an Australia Day gala in New York City this week and said,

He also spoke to "Today Australia" and was asked about any upcoming family weddings, but he was equally evasive, saying,

Basically, nothing is confirmed, and Thor knows how to stay out of trouble. I'm sure when the official announcement day does come, Chris will be all over that brotherly support for Liam and Miley.

Now, let's all just let the son of Odin celebrate his country's day in peace, mates! G'day.

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