Cheryl Blossom has a connection to Sabrina Spellman in 'Riverdale' Season 6.

Here's How Cheryl Blossom And Sabrina Spellman Are Connected In The Archieverse

Riverdale is about to get very witchy.

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After years of nods and references, Riverdale is finally giving the fans a full-fledged Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover in Season 6. While this is something fans have been begging for ever since CAOS premiered in 2018, it’s never been really clear just how the two wildly different shows could come together. The big event is all going to center on Cheryl Blossom and Sabrina Spellman’s connection, which was actually brought up on CAOS before, although viewers may have missed the reference.

Season 6 of Riverdale will kick off with a five-episode event mysteriously called “Rivervale.” Teasers for the event suggest Cheryl’s newfound witchcraft from Season 5 will totally transform the town, and the most exciting part of the arc is that Sabrina is confirmed to make her Riverdale debut in Episode 4. Fans got their first look at Sabrina and Cheryl coming face to face in a trailer released a month ahead of the big premiere. “Look at what the black cat dragged in,” Cheryl says with a smile, as Sabrina turns around and flashes a big smile of her own. It’s unclear what the two are planning together, but their connection is definitely going to be pivotal to the Rivervale event.

CAOS actually teased a bit of Sabrina and Cheryl’s connection back when Part 3 of the supernatural series hit Netflix in 2020. Sabrina discovered that one of Cheryl’s ancestors, Benjamin Blossom, stole the magical artifact, Herod’s crown, from Hitler in 1945 and hid it on the Blossoms’ property in Riverdale. The discovery confirmed the Blossoms had ben intertwined with the supernatural world for decades.

It wasn’t until the final episodes of Riverdale Season 5 that Nana Rose confirmed the Blossom women have a witchy history. After Cheryl began noticing she could control the elements, Nana Rose told her the story of her ancestor, Abigail Blossom, who cursed the residents of Riverdale in the 1800s when they accused her of being a witch and burned her at the stake. Angry at her friends for not taking her family’s history seriously, Cheryl repeated Abigail’s curse and appeared to come into her own as a witch.

The big question now is this: Just how are Cheryl and Sabrina related? Uncovering shocking family connections is a go-to move in Riverdale, especially when it comes to the Blossoms. (Who could forget that big reveal that they’re related the Coopers?) So, fans may learn that the Spellmans are yet another part in the Blossoms’ ever-branching family tree, which would explain Cheryl’s ability to use magic. Of course, the implications of that connection would also mean Betty could tap into some magical powers of her own... which is actually something Riverdale fans have theorized about before.

Or maybe Cheryl is related to another important witch in the CAOS universe — she certainly has the same queen-bee attitude as Prudence, and of course her iconic red hair is an exact match for Dorcas’. Fans will learn more about Cheryl’s connection to the witchy world when Riverdale Season 6 kicks off with its Rivervale event on The CW on Tuesday, November 16.