Chick Magnet Zac Efron Was The Best Wingman Ever For Chance The Rapper

Zac Efron, 28, has come a long way since getting his big breakthrough in "High School Musical" in 2006.

Now, the incredibly handsome Efron is collaborating with names like The Rock, Seth Rogen and Robert De Niro.

And in addition to working with some of the entertainment industry's biggest names, the superstar has also become the target of women from Rio to Rochester and everywhere in between.

We all know about Olympian Simone Biles' epic crush on Zac Efron, but she's far from the only woman who is madly in love with the San Luis Obispo, California native.

One look at Zac Efron's Instagram page lets you know he spent this past Saturday at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens, New York.

Apparently, Efron is quite the Chance The Rapper fan, and it appears he was more than a little blown away by Chance's performance at Meadows.

Side note: The Meadows looks lit AF, and I'm upset I didn't go this year, but I promise to go next year.

While Efron was watching Chance, it looks like the cameras were honed in on Efron, who appeared to be really enjoying himself in Queens.

The cameras didn't stop rolling once Chance's set ended, though. After the concert, Zac Efron and Chance The Rapper reportedly kept the party going at the NYC club Up&Down.

According to Page Six, Efron partied at a table with Chance, but stayed sober and kept to drinking water. Apparently, once the ladies in attendance caught sight of Efron, they flocked to his table like a pack of hungry lions.

A source at the club told Page Six,

There were definitely ladies trying to get to Zac. He's so in shape!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why so many women would try to get down with these two studs, but I have a feeling Chance The Rapper was hella glad he invited Zac Efron to join him Saturday night, you know what I'm saying?

Long live the kings.

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