Will Beyoncé Make An Appearance At The 2017 VMAs? Fans Are Hoping

C Flanigan/Getty Images

Beyoncé, will you please grace us with your presence at the 2017 VMAs? We shall be independent women. We shall throw our hands up. We shall get in formation. Queen Bey, we are rooting for you. But seriously, Beyoncé could surprise us all and appear at the VMAs this year, and now I'm doing the full dance number to "Single Ladies" in my underwear. It just happened. Beyoncé at the VMAs is like Taylor Swift with a gaggle of supermodels, or Kim K taking a selfie, or Justin Bieber not showing up to anything. It just makes sense.

It's obvious fans want Beyoncé to perform at the 2017 VMAs because she slays in everything she does. Remember her awe-inspiring performance last year at the 2016 VMAs? That was possibly the greatest performance in television history. First, she slammed her very high-heeled boots down right in front of a camera she cracked with a baseball bat, then ended her performance casually sitting in a ring of fire, while her dance squad formed the woman symbol on the stage. What. The. Actual. F? She is the definition of a powerful woman and we all need her right now. The world needs more Beyoncé! The world needs more woman symbols on stages! We need her at the VMAs, dammit!

Fans rallying for Beyoncé to perform at the VMAs took to Twitter with eager desperation and loads of frustration.

We're waiting...

We'll never forget the baseball bat smash. Ever. She was literally on fire.

People are not OK with the lineup.


No Beyoncé, no VMAs.

Fans are clearly not OK without Beyoncé at the VMAs.

Yes, please make an award for Queen Bey.

Ain't nothing without Beyoncé.

Well, it's pretty obvious fans want to see their beloved Beyoncé at the 2017 VMAs. So, can't they give us what we all want? MTV, step it up. Who run the world? Girls... and Beyoncé.