What If Famous Celebrities Had Kim Jong-un's Haircut? (Photos)

by Veronica Grossman

Last month there were reports out of North Korea that dictator Kim Jong-un now requires all male citizens to get the same haircut, styled like his own, which is basically just like Miley Cyrus' in black.

As we know, this is not the most flattering of hairstyles so we thought it would be fun to see what it would look like if everyone from the hit Netflix show "House of Cards" sported the same look and the result was hilarious.

Now, thanks to the lovely folks over at DesignCrowd, we get to see what it would be like if Kim Jong-un's hideous 'do applied to some of our favorite celebs. As to be expected, Miley Cyrus looks the same.

1. 50 Cent: He better have not paid more than 50 cent for that haircut.

Created by: Framcismn

2. Bryan Cranston: Well, thats what a meth lab experiment gone wrong will do to you.

Created by: marinkangel

3. Bruce Willis: "Armageddon" my old hair back?

Created by: karixen

4. George Clooney: "What do you mean I am no longer the sexiest man alive?"

Created by: Denisa

5. Jimmy Fallon: "Is it taller than Leno's?"

Created by: marinkangel

6. Kelly Osbourne: Stop trying to make purple hair happen, it's not going to happen.

Created by: karixen

7. Miley Cyrus: She had this do before it was a law in North Korea.

Created by: Sharky

8. Mona Lisa: This was Leonardo da Vinci's first draft.

Created by: panchocapa

9. Mr. Bean: Now he has a bean on his head.

Created by:  kangkanuvenchu

10. Pharrell Williams: No wonder why he wears such big hats....

Created by: Denisa

11. Prince Charles/Prince William: Is it just me, or does Prince William look hotter now that he's not balding?

Created by: panchocapa

12. Samuel L. Jackson: Lets hope he "lays his vengeance" upon his barber.

13. The Smiths: I actually see nothing wrong with this picture.

Created by: dianayu