What If Everyone On 'House of Cards' Had Kim Jong-Un's Haircut? (Photos)

Yesterday there were reports out of North Korea that dictator Kim Jong-Un now requires all male citizens to get the same haircut as the one he has. While I can't personally confirm or deny the veracity of that information, there have certainly been crazier stories to come of The Greatest Country To Ever Exist.

We figured we'd see what it would look like if we took the new law and applied it to our favorite group of politicians: the cast of "House of Cards." As is to be expected, some characters pull the do off better than others, but they all look pretty fresh if I do say so myself (I'm looking at you, Zoe Barnes).

Here's the entire list:

Is that Peter Russo or Jon Stewart? Oh, it's Russo.

It's like a uniform for your head!

This haircut just screams "I write for 'Slugline'."

Fun fact: Lincoln had the same haircut for three weeks in 1857.

The only thing we changed in this picture was the color of her hair.

This is the kind of haircut someone named "Stamper" should have.

Meechum. So hot right now. Meechum.

Linda didn't cut her hair -- she ripped it out in frustration.

Introducing President Walken.

Christina Gallagher in her "Asian grandmother" costume.

The mark of a truly successful leader.