Warren Beatty And Faye Dunaway Fought Over Reading Winner Before Envelopegate

by Hope Schreiber

On Sunday night, while I sat in home in the only ball gown I own (my prom dress), sipping from a champagne flute and watching the Oscars, I experienced the worst secondhand embarrassment in all of my years.

Witnessing Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce "La La Land" as the winner of Best Picture and seeing the cast and crew climb on stage only to be told "Moonlight" really won (as it should have, TBH) is the most uncomfortable I have ever been watching the awards show.

And I once watched the Oscars from a hospital room where every bone in my body was broken after a piano comically fell on me while I was walking down the street.

While we know HOW it happened, we didn't realize the two presenters, Beatty and Dunaway, were actually arguing over who would announce the winner, according to TMZ.

Obviously, they both lost that night.

According to the report, the two actors were tense around each other the entire night -- they wouldn't even block their walk onto the stage together at the rehearsal.

This is petty AF. Do people actually care about who announces what? Maybe the people running the show wanted to knock the two down a size.

(Just kidding. They certainly wouldn't exchange the envelopes just to watch the two stars fail on stage... or WOULD THEY?)

The report suggests Warren stepped down and let Dunaway name the winner. In the clip, she says it so quickly she seems nervous Warren would change his mind and read it for her.

Sadly, it was the wrong envelope, and Dunaway must have seen "La La Land" on the card underneath Emma Stone's name after she had just won Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Apparently, Dunaway was still salty after the show as well. When Extra tried to question her about the faux pas of the night, she said,

I'm not going to speak of that. Warren is the right one.

Way to throw a fella under the bus.

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