Jasmie Tookes Gets Fitted For Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

Modeling is hell.

Professional hot women get a lot of crap from people who say modeling isn't a real job -- that walking down runways and posing in photos isn't an actual profession rooted in making the world better or at least trying to make yourself better.

What those people fail to realize is for every leisurely stroll model Jasmine Tookes takes down the catwalk, there are literally hours and hours of work that go into getting her there.

I'm not just talking about workouts, diets and other model voodoo they perform daily -- none of which probably involves actual voodoo, although I guarantee Kendall Jenner is super into the occult.

Even getting the bras constructed seems like a fairly horrible experience, according to Tookes, who was recently named the wearer of this year's Fantasy Bra at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Watch @JasTookes get some BIG news… #VSFantasyBra — Victoria's Secret (@VictoriasSecret) October 26, 2016

Being granted the honor of wearing the industry's most-coveted ta-ta cover is the easy part. During an interview with ELLE, Jasmine spoke about how the real work for the bra comes during the fitting itself.

In order to have this thing fitted to her exact size, she needed to sit with the top half of her body immersed in plaster for three hours. She explained,

I almost couldn't breathe because I'd move too much and it'd mess up the measurements.

As someone who has the smallest case of claustrophobia ever, I can honestly say that sounds like a goddamn nightmare just reading about it.


The bra itself is pretty crazy. It's a hand-crafted piece featuring more than 9,000 precious gems over 18-karat gold. It took over 700 hours to finish and must be seriously heavy with 450 carats of diamonds and emeralds.

It is made by AWMouzannar and can be all yours if you have a spare $3 million lying around your house somewhere.

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