Tom Hiddleston Narrates Pregnant Giraffe Livestream In Hilarious Video

by Dylan Kickham
BBC Radio1

For almost a month, hundreds of thousands of people have been tuning into one of the most bizarre viral events in recent memory.

Though zoo officials have promised April the pregnant giraffe could give birth at any minute, so far, all viewers have seen is a giraffe walking around in a pen.

Enter: Tom Hiddleston, to spice things up.

The "Avengers" star proved he could totally narrate the next great nature documentary on BBC Radio 1 this week.

After Hiddleston pulled up the oh-so-popular livestream of April the pregnant giraffe, he began to narrate as April roamed around her pen while doing what she's best at: not giving birth.

With not a lot to really work with — April was just stretching her neck near the livestream camera — Tom Hiddleston put on his most majestic "Planet Earth"-esque voice and delivered an Oscar-worthy performance, the only flub being that he incorrectly called the giraffe Alice instead of April.

Alice is doing her morning stretches; all giraffes need to exercise. She's taking a walk around her room. Look at that magnificent long neck. Alice washes herself in the morning, swishes her tail magnificently around her quarters. She takes a bow — she knows the world is watching. It's breakfast time. Welcome... to Alice's room, on 'Planet Earth II.'

Watch out, Morgan Freeman.

Maybe the Animal Adventure Park should hire Hiddleston full-time to narrate this livestream to liven things up. His calendar must have cleared up since he just wrapped up his last role: Taylor Swift's pretend boyfriend.


But thankfully for the diehard April watchers, it looks like the world's most famous giraffe is probably going to finally give birth very soon.

New York's local NBC station is reporting there are significant movements in April's belly, and noted that she is changing behavior as the birth is getting closer.

Well, while you wait for that fateful birth to finally happen, you can listen to Hiddleston's majestic narration on repeat.

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