Taylor Swift's Fans Think "Look What You Made Me Do" Is Totally About Calvin Harris

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

If you're a human being living on this planet, you probably know that Taylor Swift loves writing songs about her ex boyfriends. Unsurprisingly, her brand new single might fit into this category. Our girl, Taylor, released a brand new song on Thursday, Aug. 24, and fans are coming up with tons of theories about who the new tune is about. One of her exes, Calvin Harris, is definitely a contender -- and fans have been left asking themselves, "Is 'Look What You Made Me Do" about Calvin Harris?"

Before we get into Twitter's mind about Taylor's new song inspiration, let's talk about the single. From the moment the new song starts, it becomes super apparent the singer-songwriter is tapping into her "edgier" side. To be completely honest, she sounds angsty AF, and it's obvious why the internet thinks her music debut is about her ex boyfriend.

Once you think about it, the ending of Taylor and Calvin's relationship definitely wasn't too pretty. After Tay revealed that she helped her ex write his hit, "This Is What You Came For," Calvin went on a feisty lil' Twitter rant about how he was "angry" Taylor and her team made him look bad. But if the suspicions are true about Taylor's newest single, the songstress certainly isn't done throwing shade at her ex bae.

Some people are being super supportive of Taylor writing about her ex.

"Well played."

Others are being a little extreme.

A few people think her new single even sounds like a Calvin Harris song.

This theory's interesting.

That's honestly a good point. Taylor's new song does sounds a little bit like "I'm Too Sexy," and maybe Calvin did play that song for her in the past. Either way, fans keep connecting the tune to the DJ, and Taylor definitely might've written it about him.

Now, we'll have to keep an eye on Twitter to see if Calvin reacts to the new song. If it's a subtle dig toward their past relationship, I'm sure he'll have something to say.